Comprehensive and affordable estate planning services 


Affinity Trusts is a solution to a growing need in the marketplace for a company that functions as a conduit between professional estate planning attorneys and Financial Institutions, Associations, and Employer Groups. From our experience in providing this service, we discovered that the majority of institutions do not offer estate planning to their members, employees and/or clients.  As companies increasingly strive to deliver a total solutions package of financial products to their constituents, it is essential that wealth advisors not only assist in the accumulation and preservation of a client’s assets, but also in the transfer of a client’s estate to his/her heirs in a timely and cost-effective manner. Proper estate planning is a key part of any financial strategy.

At Affinity Trusts we understand the importance of providing exceptional benefits that will help attract new members, employees and/or clients and deliver added value to your existing ones.  We work collaboratively with your team to satisfy the demand for comprehensive estate planning services.  

Here is a summary of the benefits you can expect from Affinity Trusts:

  • A trusted partner in estate planning services

  • Value-added benefits and services for your constituents

  • Complimentary educational seminars  

  • Living Trusts and other Estate Planning documents prepared by leading Estate Planning law firms